Why I Wrote Leadership Power
By Peter J. Daniels

We are pleased to introduce Peter J. Daniels, the author of Leadership Power , which is now available for order through your local Christian bookstore. We asked Peter to share a little bit about the inspiration behind his latest book.

It was nearly sixty years ago when I became aware that throughout the many complaints I heard, a strange, repeated phrase was often present: “Somebody ought to do something about it.” But the somebody that was supposed to appear almost never came, and complaints continued to scream out for action. I have continued to hear those words for decades. In most cases, they seem to serve as an excuse to lean on, because the complaint becomes, in a sense, “the cause.” My frustration purposed an itch I couldn’t scratch until I came to the realization that I was as guilty as everyone else.

My background was shabby and my education almost nonexistent until I became a Christian, and all that changed. I began to search history and read biographies, which enriched and fortified me to become a leader. For six long years, I deliberately tested myself against what needed to be done, and I was to experience everything from miserable failures to exhilarating success, sometimes alone and local and eventually around the world. I wrote Leadership Power because, to my knowledge, there is no book or instruction manual in the public domain that is written by someone who has consistently and successfully applied leadership skills in the vast areas I have been privileged to be exposed to.

When you talk to aspiring leaders, they often express, in morbid tones, “I can’t get a group together.” They fail to understand that “single leadership” works, and you don’t have to wait for someone to catch up. I also wanted to take the mystique out of leadership. Leaders possess multi-faceted personalities, and the way they act reveals the formulas they use to get what they want. By sharing my lifetime of experience in politics, business, philanthropy, economics education, lifestyle, and religion, I hope and pray that I can be of help to those who want to be, or are already, leaders.

My hardest task was not in the learning but in the unlearning of the false techniques used by those who called themselves leaders but who are merely managers or were voted into a position of authority. In my struggles to become a leader, I was pressured and advised to treat every person the same, but I found that in real leadership, you meet and need followers with different skills and personalities. At times a leader must adjust to varying levels of intelligence. When you have a large board of directors, it is necessary to identify who blocks progress and then get rid of them. This book will protect many leaders from failing financially and show them how, in “leadership power,” to raise funds and keep financial reserves. Very often the expansion of the cause, and the activity of the followers, can be stimulated by a well planned and expertly delivered speech. In this book, I detail how to do this and much, much more. As I share my leadership journey, I trust it will encourage many to lead more successfully and, in the process, pay homage to the followers.

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About this Contributor:

Peter J. Daniels has been called a merchant of hope for his capacity to remove a crowd’s fear, uncertainty, and disunity. He has been honored globally by businesses, universities, governments, and philanthropic groups. Having served in a leadership for the last 58 years, his approach to leadership produces loyalty and results. Daniels, who has previously published the biography Living on the Edge, currently lives with his wife in Australia.

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