Writing Prompt: Cliff Diving
By Word Alive Press

Take a leap of faith. Dive right in. Jump in with both feet. Just do it. Take the plunge. Whether you love the encouragement these phrases illicit or are sick and tired of them, there’s something to be said for the giddy weightlessness of casting yourself into space, and trusting there’s something—whether it be a lake, a pillow, or a parachute—to break your fall. For today’s writing prompt, we challenge you to spend at least 15 minutes writing about a leap of faith. Here’s some photo inspiration to get you going:

Looking for an extra challenge? Try to craft your writing piece without using any of these phrases (or their variations):
Leap of faith
dive right in
jump in with both feet
just do it
take the plunge

Get those keyboards clacking, and enjoy the rush of your latest literary leap!

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