Audiobooks are a modern way for your readers to enjoy your book!

With an audiobook, your audience can listen to your book on the way to work, on the treadmill, or even take your book with them to the grocery store.

The convenience of an audiobook is no doubt a major contributing factor to the skyrocketing success of this format. Audiobooks are also a great way to reach those who have forms of dyslexia or who are visibly impaired, offering accessibility to a wider audience and a new way for more people to connect with your book.

Your audiobook will be available via iTunes, Amazon, and Audible (in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan).

We offer your choice of a female or male narrator. Please click on the links below to hear samples of their work for fiction and non-fiction.

Fiction Sample: Scars
Non-Fiction Sample: Identity in Exodus

Fiction Sample: Scars
Non-Fiction Sample: Identity in Exodus

$695 for the first 10,000 words
$20 per 1,000 words after that ($0.02/word)
This includes two free rounds of revisions.

Please contact us to learn more.