WJOF 2015 Publishing Contest Results
By Word Alive Press

We were thrilled with the manuscripts submitted to our Women’s Journey of Faith contest, and we had a difficult time narrowing down the shortlist, let alone choosing our winner.

Congratulations to Marianne Jones for the winning manuscript, The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die!

This book is now available to pre-order for only $12.99! Order your copy of this powerful testimony today, and buy one for anyone who has yet to encounter the life-altering love of Jesus!

As a child, Linda Stewardson suffered horrific and ongoing sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. After a particularly vicious attack, Linda is left for dead, only to be discovered by a passerby and revived in the hospital. Even this does not save her from her abuser, and she is pushed further into misery, and a life of drug addition, prostitution, and repeated suicide attempts. Marianne Jones shares the story of this resilient young woman’s life, and how an encounter with Christ caused a miraculous transformation in The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die.

Marianne Jones

Linda Stewardson

We also want to recognize the following exceptional shortlisted manuscripts:

Stefanie Tong, Chasing Light

Stefanie Tong’s very personal and emotional memoir opens the door to discussion between women who have had miscarriages, and examines why we as a society are ashamed to share and talk about this important issue. Stefanie opens her heart to share what she went through in the hopes that other women can be supported and encouraged through this difficult time.

Amanda Legault, In My Wake

21-year-old Amanda Legault wakes up in the hospital one day after surviving a horrific car accident. The miracle of her survival is overshadowed by the devastation her body suffered in the crash. She now has to relearn everything about her life, including walking, eating, speaking, and, most importantly, her faith in God. This is the powerful and compelling testimony of rediscovering God as the greatest part of healing.

Kim Clark, The French Collection

Kim Clark has learned that any holiday is not complete without her daily time with God. When she prepares for her vacation in Paris, she is determined to make God a central focus. Kim shares what she has learned through her travels and how the French landscape, history, and atmosphere inspired her to draw closer to her creator. With crisp, descriptive writing, this devotional series will inspire and uplift.

Andrea Thom, Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness

This study guide focuses on the topic of mentorship by examining the book of Ruth. Andrea Thom seeks to inspire women to gain a better understanding of the character of Christ and how He impacts their daily lives, through a thorough study of Scripture. It is a gospel-centred study written with a user-friendly approach, which encourages women to take inspiration and encouragement from what God is telling them through Ruth’s life.

Melody Metzger, I Feel Insufferior

Why do we as humans struggle with feelings of insecurity, inferiority, inadequacy, insufficiency and low self-esteem? A counsellor herself, Melody believes that this is not how God intended us to live, and offers solutions as to how Christians can overcome these feelings. Having gone through many of these struggles herself, Melody shares personal experiences that helped her learn to deal with these thoughts and feelings, and work towards a healthy self-view.

Congratulations to all of these talented writers, as well as all of our contest entrants! Please contact us at publishing@wordalivepress.ca for any questions or for feedback on your manuscript!

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