WJOF 2017 Contest Winner!
By Women's Journey of Faith

Word Alive Press, in collaboration with Women’s Journey of Faith, are thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2017 Women’s Journey of Faith Contest!

Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens

Shine On

Shine On is the well-crafted and poignant story of Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens, who awoke in hospital to discover that she had lost all four limbs to flesh-eating disease. Her courage to reclaim her life, and faith in the God of restoration, make this inspirational book a must-read.

“My heart is dancing with joy and full of gratitude for the opportunity to share this story of God’s redeeming grace through an unimaginable life altering event. I am praying that God uses this story to shine His light for those who may be facing dark times.”

—Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens, WJOF winner for Shine On

Congratulations Cyndi!

We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our shortlist and honourable mention list:

Women’s Journey of Faith Shortlist:

Bonnie Rawling for Forgiven
Elizabeth Mannegren for Journaling Your Way Through Pregnancy Loss
L. June Stevenson for Revelations and Reflections: A Woman`s Faith Journey
Andrea Calvert for Not Alone: How God Helped me Battle Depression
Linda Seabrook for Made to Mentor

Honourable Mention list:

Wilna van Beek for When Gay Comes Home… Learning to Build Bridges
Nyla Wiebe for Immeasurably More
Pauline Levert for The Solution
Betty Neilson for The Joy Inside My Pain
Nancy Christenson for Marriage by Faith
Helen Hansen for Stroke of Luck

Congratulations to the shortlisted and honourable mention authors! We are grateful to each and every person who entered the contest, and thrilled to continue to partner with Women’s Journey of Faith to seek out and publish amazing manuscripts written by Canadian Christian women!

About this Contributor:

Word Alive Press is a Canadian Christian partnership publishing company, committed to helping Christian writers share their inspiring messages with the world.

Women’s Journey of Faith is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry for all women.

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